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Snowsports goes on‑demand.

Like music, like taxis, like places to stay. When was the last time you stood on the street and hailed a cab? If you’re a smartphone owner living in the digital era the answer is likely ”a decade ago!“

So why does booking snowsports still need to be so hard to organize? It doesn’t.

Introducing snowsports on‑demand!

It’s a new category of product and service that is designed for consumers of the digital era.

It makes it easy to find and book snowsports instructors and activities.

Just as easy as finding and booking a ride.

This makes snowsports fun and easy to organize.

It empowers resort employed instructors to easily attract new customers in the digital era which increases pay checks.

It empowers resorts to easily transform product offerings for the new age customer which increases profits.

It empowers consumers to choose who and how they spend their time and dollars with. Which positively grows, our awesome industry!

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How GoSnowTM instructing works
It's easy to get started


  • Create new instructor profile

Tell us a little about which resort your work for, the qualifications you have, upload a photo, and you’re set. Pricing is automatically set as per your resorts rates.


  • Share some documents

Just upload your certifications and valid membership card so we know you’re legit.


  • Let the clients find you

Once you're approved as a GoSnow Instructor we will provide everything you need to grow your business as a resort-employed instructor.

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I LOVE knowing when my friends are out riding and GoSnow makes it super easy to know who’s riding and join them!

Sabrina Lynch

Moving to a new ski resort may seem intimidating, however GoSnow made it effortless for me to meet amazing new friends who share the same love and passion for shredding as I do!

Teagan MacDougall

Getting a free GoSnow carpool to any resort or seeing which of my friends are riding the park in Whistler makes it easy for me to do SO MUCH MORE riding I love it!

Cam Buxton